• The skincare files: Toners and their role in skincare

    skin care and acne tonersOne of the essential steps in any skincare regimen, toning is like a final, perfecting touch on the clean skin.
    There are many types of toners but most of them have the similar benefits for your regimen and for your skin.Toners are liquid lotions designed to cleanse and tone. Always applied on clean skin, after the first proper cleansing step, the toner’s primary role is to prepare the skin for the next steps of the regimen. It also refreshes, tones skin and tightens pores to reduce excess sebum production.
    In some cases, a toner can also be an individual step in a treatment regimen (for example in treating acne, blackheads or excessive dryness and environmental damage. 

    Why do you need it? Toners are versatile products. They help cleanse your skin, shrink pores, prevent inflammation, nourish and protect. Used separately a few times a day, they refresh and condition your skin.

    There are more types of toners you can use. The astringent ones are designed to shrink pores and control oil production. These are great for oily skin but should not be overused because excessive dryness may occur. Popular astringents are alcohol (not recommended for sensitive skin), Witch Hazel extract, Lemon and Grapefruit Extracts, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil.
    The toning and hydrating toners that aren’t astringent are great for all skin types. They have little or no alcohol at all and include various toning ingredients like orange Flower extract, Neroli, Rosewater, Vitamin C and antioxidants, Liquorice, Green tea and cucumber extracts, Aloe and various algae.

    For best results, use toners before applying moisturizer to help minimize pores, even out skin and lock in moisture.


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