• Your Skin Care Routine: Three Tips for Beautiful Skin

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    Three Tips for Beautiful Skin & SkincareNo matter what your skin type or what type of skin care products you use, your skin care routine is your first line of defense to ensure that you have beautiful skin all year long. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an acne treatment product plan or an anti aging and anti wrinkle skin care program, the routine that you develop and stick to can determine how successful your efforts for beautiful, acne-free, youthful looking skin are. Here are three tips from the skin care experts at Murad Canada on how to perfect your skin care routine.


    Morning Skin Care Routines: Prepare for the Day

    In the morning, the skin care routine that you use is primarily to prepare your skin to meet the harsh daily environmental factors such as makeup, pollution and sun that it will face. Yes, washing your skin with an appropriate skin cleanser is important. However, more important is that you focus on applying treatment products that will protect and enrich your skin throughout the day. In addition to any acne or anti aging treatments you use, it is essential that you also use an oil-free, lightweight daytime moisturizer, and eye treatment cream (also lightweight) and, most importantly, sun protection.


    Throughout the Day: Skin Care Routine Touchups

    While, ideally, you’ll only want to be washing and applying treatments to your face twice a day, you’ll most likely encounter additions to your skin care routine throughout the day. If you have dry or sensitive skin, be sure to have a moisturizer or soothing product nearby. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, keep blotting clothes nearby to remove surface oil and an acne spot treatment to treat blemishes on the spot as they happen. If you have a daily gym or workout routine that requires you to remove makeup or wash your face, be sure to use gentle agents and cleansers to as not to irritate skin and cause redness, drying or additional breakouts.


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    Evening Skin Care Routines: Restore and Repair Daytime Damage

    Your evening skin care routine is about restoring your skin and repairing the damage that was done to skin during the day. Evening is an ideal time to use an exfoliating skin cleanser to remove all of the dead skin cells that have build up during the day and make your acne treatments or anti aging treatments more impactful. Also, in the evening, use richer, antioxidant-heavy moisturizers and creams and eye treatments. Your skin can absorb the nutrients and hydration while you are asleep to repair and replenish itself.


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    • Great tips! I know some of my friends think they can skip washing their faces in the morning because they have just been sleeping all night. But cleansing your face is an important step in the process for getting your skin ready to absorb your other products.
      Great information :)

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