• Travel tips for beautiful skin

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    travel skincare tipsTake these skincare tips with you on your travels and enjoy clear skin on the go: 

    - Don’t eat salty foods the day before your trip – this can trigger water retention in your tissues and cause puffiness
    - Hydrate your skin! Before and during your trip, especially on a long flight, a light, oil-free moisturizer is a must-have in your hand bag. Also carry a lip balm to soothe dry lips.
    - A no-mistake hydration tool: facial mist. Spray on your face whenever you feel your skin needs it. Dry air in the plane cabin can take its toll on your skin.
    - On a long trip, a wash bag with travel size essentials can save your skin. Have a bit of cleanser, antibacterial wipes, toner and a moisturizer with you wherever you go. For acne-prone skin, always keep a spot treatment handy – to stop the blemish before it becomes the focus of your vacation.
    - Your best friend on any summer getaway is the SPF lotion. Get your sunscreen and use it daily – ideally re-applying every two hours. If you intend to sunbathe, use a higher SPF – proportional with the time you intend to spend under direct sunlight.
    - Sleep – there‘s no better way of repairing stressed skin and maintaining a healthy glow. A well rested face will also look better in your vacation photos!


    • Great skincare tips for the holiday season. A good sunscreen is a must-have item particularly for the face. Keeping the skin fresh, cleansed and hydrated is key to maintaining a healthy complexion in warmer climates.

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