• Holiday Party Acne Treatment Advice

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    It’s easy to get sucked into the busy schedule of the holiday parties that our friends and family throw every year. Between the stress of buying gifts, attending many events, wearing our “special makeup,” and deviations from our diets can take a toll on our skin, which means that it’s important to establish an acne treatment routine early and make sure you stick with it through the entire holiday season. You don’t want the gift that you receive this holiday season to be the fact that you suddenly need to struggle to get rid of acne when the New Year hits.


    Moisturize and Hydrate for Healthy Holiday Skin

    Getting that great, acne-free glow starts from the inside out, of course, but that means a complete hydration of the skin. Just because the weather gets colder, it doesn’t mean that hydration isn’t important. As a matter of fact, it may be more so with the dryness of the cold to keep skin properly moisturized so that it doesn’t dry out and end up breaking out from the irritation of the dryness. Holidayparties also mean there may be the occasional soda or alcoholic drink, which can dehydrate your body very quickly. So make sure you’re still getting your eight glasses of water a day and still getting in those antioxidant-rich foods that allow you to also eat your water, as described in Dr. Murad’s best-selling book, The Water Secret. But the outside of your skin still needs to be taken care of, too! Make sure moisturizing is still a vital part of your skin care routine to help prevent breakouts and keep skin radiant. Of course, if you’re prone to acne breakouts, make sure that you’re using an oil-free moisturizer such as Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion.

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    Prevent and Banish Blemishes Before Party Season Hits

    Hydrating your skin alone won’t prevent blemishes, but a complete and consistent acne treatment plan will! That includes using exfoliating agents to reduce dryness and to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin (as well as from beneath) in order to reduce the number of clogged pores that you experience, which ultimately cause acne breakouts. Applying anti acne creams and serums both during the day and at night for maximum effectiveness will also mean clear skin for holiday party time. Buy makeup with as many natural ingredients and the least amount of harmful chemicals possible to prevent your pores being clogged or skin reactions that can lead to blemishes or even just irritated red patches. Make it a point to wash off all makeup as soon as you get home and apply your usual skin care treatment product regimen to stay in the good habits as you get ready for bed.


    Get Started with Acne Treatment Early

    If you haven’t yet established your acne treatment routine, make sure you’re getting into the habits in the months before the holidays start. Not only will you give you skin time to purge out all the waste that’s been gathering inside and out, you’ll establish good skin care habits that will keep you looking great and glowing, through that New Year’s party and beyond!


    While you still may experience some mild acne breakouts during the holidays, make sure you are taking care of yourself to minimize the effects of holiday stress, diet and makeup. Establishing a healthy acne care treatment regimen before the holidays will create good habits so those little stresses won’t show on your face.


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