• Tricks to fight dry skin during the cold season


    dry skin skincare adviceCommon symptom: dry, rough skin.

    Your problem: all the moisturizers in the world won’t do the trick.

    Possible consequences: stinging, flaking, fine lines and wrinkles, slow healing of wounds. Dry skin is prone to irritation, infection, rashes, eczema and other conditions.

    Trick #1: Combat dehydration! Make sure it’s not dehydration that causes your dryness. Dehydrated and dry skin are two different issues: dehydrated skin is lacking water and compensates by over-producing oil, while dry skin is lacking the natural oils which are essential for skin’s health. Your dry skin can be a temporary symptom of dehydration so make sure you drink enough water, de-caffeinated tea and natural juices during the day. Consider the water coming from raw fruit and vegetables as well – it is vital for proper internal hydration. Dr Murad explains: the water in fruits and vegetables is structured, meaning it’s surrounded by molecules that help it get into cells easily and quickly. For this reason he encourages people to eat – NOT drink – their water.

    Trick #2: Hydrate and re-hydrate. Apply moisturizing lotions on your skin in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. To get the best out of your moisturizers, exfoliate regularly prior to using them and apply creams on the damp skin right after showering. If you’re not taking a shower, use a body mister or a hydrating toner for the face. For excessively dry skin, consider using a combo made of hydrating gel as a base and a moisturizer applied as a top layer.

    Trick #3: Exercise. Even a little exercise every day can do wonders for your complexion. Improving blood circulation is a great trick to support the health and elasticity of your skin. Attention: excessive sweat can dehydrate skin. Be sure to re-hydrate your body.

    Trick #4: Check the air humidity in your house. Air gets dry indoors once we start using the heating devices during the cold season and low humidity affects the skin. Combat dry air with humidifiers and let air your rooms at least once a day. Bonus: optimal indoor humidity (40%-505) helps keep the flu away!

    Trick #5: Load up on essential nutrients. Not just veggies, but also vegetable oils, eggs, fatty fish. Vegetable oils and fish have the essential fatty acids your skin needs to stay hydrated at cellular level and eggs are a great source of lecithin which builds stronger cells and maintains optimal cellular hydration.….And go ahead and have some peanut butter or chocolate with a minimum 40% content cocoa: your body needs the anti-oxidants!

    Trick #6: Dry skin brushing. In his new book “The Water Secret” Dr. Murad suggests this method to get rid of the dry layers of skin: before stepping into the shower, brush your entire body with a natural, soft brush – it removes dry, dead skin cells instantly and preps your skin for proper cleansing.

    Trick #7: Avoid major skin ‘dehydrators’: coffee and caffeinated tea, soda, alcohol, salty food and preservatives. This doesn’t mean you have to give it all up, but make sure you have everything in moderation. And while you have it, keep that glass of water at hand!

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