• Tried and tested tips to reduce acne breakouts

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    Does your regular workout trigger acne breakouts?! It is recommended that you clean your face before workout and not only after. Sweat alone is water and doesn’t cause breakouts but the dirt and the oil trapped in pores blocked by sweat can trigger acne. Make sure you start your workout with a clean face and only wipe your face with a mild cleanser or a toner a few minutes after you finish. Avoid harsh cleansers or perfumed soaps, they can make your skin flaky. Apply a light moisturizer on the skin post-workout to replenish the lost moisture.

    Avoid the abrasive exfoliating cleansers! Make sure the exfoliating beads in your cleanser are finely milled and gentle enough not to cause tiny scratches on the surface of the skin. Skin can get even more irritated and inflamed. To exfoliate acne prone skin, give up the scrub and try using AHAs or BHAs exfoliators which “melt” the layer of dead skin cells and unclog your pores effectively.
    Extra tip: if you run out of your exfoliating acne treatment, you can temporarily use a bit of non-fat yogurt (contains lactic acid) or some fresh fruit juice (contains fruit enzymes). Apply evenly in a thin layer and leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with water.

    Dry skin can be a nasty side-effect of acne treatments. However this doesn’t help heal acne faster and could actually trigger more inflammation. To prevent dryness and flakiness, use a light moisturizing lotion every day. Basic requirements: oil-free, petroleum-free, watery texture, very little fragrance or none at all, minimal amount of preservatives. Translucent, water-based gels are also a great alternative.

    Sometimes after using medicated cleansers on the entire face, the skin around your eyes gets very dry and fine lines form. The skin around your eyes lacks oil glands therefore it is very sensitive and prone to dryness. It is safe to use hydrating eye creams if you have acne, but make sure your cream is not too oily to spread on your cheeks or forehead. Eye creams are quite thick and usually comedogenic so they can easily cause breakouts.

    Change your towels and your pillow cases every other day. Everything that touches your face should be clean. Sebum, hair products and shampoo residue you leave on the pillow can cause skin problems especially if you already have an acne treatment applied on your skin overnight.

    Use natural remedies from time to time – give your skin a break from all the medicated solutions! A honey mask makes a great anti-bacterial treatment and helps skin heal faster while fruit masks help keep your skin purified and nourished. Also take vitamins and supplements internally (vitamin A, Zinc and Chromium are all very beneficial for acne treatment).

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