• Usage guide: The right amount of skincare product to use


    skin care product adviceMost skincare products have usage instructions on the package. For best results, it is important to follow the instructions carefully, since they are formulated to suit that specific product and its purpose.

    If you don’t have enough information on how to use a product, remember two important aspects:
    1. less is more
    2. first test the product on your hand to determine just the right amount you need.


    For even more advice, check out this generic guide about how to use a product effectively:
    Cleanser – Depending on the texture of the cleanser, apply a small quantity from a dime size to a quarter size. It’s essential to massage it all over your damp skin for at least 20 seconds, or longer for treatment cleansers.
    Sunscreen – Skin Cancer Foundation recommends 1 ounce of sunscreen all over your body. That is 2 tablespoons. But you need to reapply every two hours.
    Moisturizer – As a general rule, use a peanut-size amount of moisturizer for your entire face. Applying a thick layer won’t improve hydration considerably and can actually clog your pores and make your skin to look oily. The right amount you should apply depends on the moisturizer consistency, the time of the day, other products applied on the skin and skin type. Apply less than a peanut size for oil moisturizers (a few drops will do)
    Eye cream– Just a pinch for both eyes should be enough. Massage it gently into skin on your orbital bone not directly on your eye lid. The cream will spread and get absorbed all over your eye area from under your brow bone. Apply a bit on your under eye area – if you apply more cream, it will not brighten your dark circles more.
    Masks and treatments – Be generous when you’re using a treatment mask. Apply a thick layer, preferably with a brush or spatula, and leave on for a few minutes (read the product label) then rinse thoroughly. Allow more time (15 to 30 minutes) for natural, home-made treatment masks.

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