• Vitamin C: quick facts


    • A very potent anti-oxidant
    • Ascorbic Acid is an acid form of Vitamin C
    • Some of the plants with the highest doses of vitamin C (more than 2000 mg/100 g) are the Kakadu plum, Camu Camu and the Rose Hip;
    • The daily recommended dose of Vitamin C is 90 mg and should not exceed 2000 mg for an adult
    • Parsley has 3 times more Vitamin C than oranges or lemons
    • Raw meat has sufficient concentrations of vitamin C – this is destroyed by cooking procedures
    • When you eat a Vitamin C source with meat, this contributes to a better absorption of iron and proteins
    • It is a preservative often used in foods
    • Vitamin C is key to the production of collagen -which is essential for skin regeneration and wound healing –
    • This vitamin has multiple anti-aging roles and is essential for maintaining healthy skin: it prevents environmental aging with its antioxidant power, repairs the sun damage on the skin, fades discoloration, slows down skin wrinkling etc.

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