• Get Your Vitamins: Why Vitamin C Skin Care Products Can Make a Difference

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    Vitamin C Skin CareWe often say that beautiful skin starts on the inside, and that’s certainly true. However, not only are your vitamins important to get internally, but using vitamin-infused topical skin care products can add glow to your skin and give you healthy skin no matter what your skin type is. Vitamin C, and the fruits and vegetables that contain it, is packed with antioxidants which are the key not only to beautiful skin but also to healthy skin.


    What Are the Antioxidants in Vitamin C and Why Do They Matter for Skin Care?

    Every day, your skin is exposed to an assault from free radicals in your system. These free radicals are largely the result of exposure to UV rays from the sun as well as other forms of environmental pollution. Nobody can avoid free radicals in their bodies, and free radicals attack your overall health but create the most visibility on your skin, accelerating and accenting the signs of aging. However, antioxidants, which are found in abundance in the fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C, combat and fight free radicals. The result is not only that you can replenish your skin and repair existing damage, but you can also prevent future skin damage and the signs of aging. Whether you’re already using an anti wrinkle or anti aging treatment or not, you can make sure your skin looks more youthful by including Vitamin C, both internally and externally, in your skin care regimen.


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    Is Taking a Vitamin C Supplement Enough for Healthy Skin?

    Supplementing your diet with a Vitamin C tablet is always a great thing to do, though no vitamin pill can replace the value of eating a healthy diet that provides your vitamins naturally. However, the use of topical skin care products that are infused with Vitamin C play the same role as taking a vitamin tablet – they supplement what should be a healthy diet on your part to infuse your skin with extra Vitamin C and therefore extra antioxidants. In short, the more Vitamin C your body gets, both naturally as well as via a supplement or topically, the better.


    What If I Have Acne-Prone Skin? Should I Still Use Vitamin C Products?

    If your skin care regimen includes acne treatment products that are helping you in your effort to get rid of acne, then there’s absolutely no reason not to supplement the products that are already working for you with some additional Vitamin C skin care products such as the Murad at-home Vitamin C facial or Essential C cleanser for supplemental face washes. Acne is essentially the sign of unhealthy skin, and the ultimate solution to clear skin is to have healthy skin. An infusion of antioxidants (in your diet, too) can only help to get you healthy skin, which can only help to get you clear skin.


    What’s the most important thing for you to remember here? Vitamin C is important for your health and for healthy skin. There’s a reason your mother always made you drink your orange juice in the morning! If you want glowing, perfect skin, make sure that Vitamin C is part of your diet and your skin care regimen!


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