• Beyond Anti Aging Treatment: What Anti Aging Means to You

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    We specialize in beautiful skin here at Murad Canada, which begins with your ideal anti aging skin treatment so that you can have skin that is both beautiful and younger looking. But we also know that anti aging should go beyond merely using anti aging skin care products to help your skin look younger every day no matter what your age. Of course, having great skin for the rest of your life is just one part of the importance of feeling beautiful, but “anti aging” should go just beyond combating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! We believe that when we talk about “anti aging,” we’re talking about taking care of yourself from the inside out – emotionally, physically, and mentally.


    Emotional Anti Aging Advice: We know that the stress of life can seem to get worse as we age, so taking good mental care of yourself is vital. Emotionally stressful situations, negative emotions, and depression can cause problems inside your body, and not just wrinkles of worry. They can also sap our young, vibrant aura. Maintaining positive, good emotional health will keep you young at heart. As we age, it’s inevitable that financial, personal and even social stresses won’t take at least a minor toll. Prioritize your emotional well being, however. Feel young, and you’ll be (and look) young.


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    Physical Anti Aging Advice: Your anti aging skin treatment from Murad will keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. But though the skin is the largest organ of your body, it’s only one organ, meaning you’re only treating only part of how to stay vibrant from a complete health perspective. Drinking plenty of water (and eating your water, as described in Dr. Murad’s best-selling book, The Water Secret), eating plenty of antioxidant-rich foods, and getting enough exercise will help your body feel great and give you that glow you need to look more youthful. It’s never too early (or too late) to begin living a physically healthy life that leaves behind unhealthy diets and low-activity lifestyles that contribute to the premature aging of your body and skin.


    Mental Anti Aging Advice: Age is nothing but a number, and you’re only as old as you think you are. We know that these are two terrible clichés, but they’re absolutely true from a mental health standpoint. How you act will be responded to by the people around you, and negative mental states can cause negativity in your circles of friends and family. Not that you should act like a kid all the time, but believing in being young will translate into feeling young, and others will be inspired by you!


    Murad has the best anti aging skin care treatments available that will help you get that glowing skin that makes you feel better, more youthful, and more vibrant – but anti aging goes beyond just taking care of your skin. A complete emotional, physical, and mental health care regimen is also vital to keeping you looking great all year round. Take care of yourself first, and let Murad be a part of your anti aging skin treatment!


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