• What Is Environmental Aging?


    UV rays, pollution and toxins in the environment all cause the signs of aging on skin.
    The Murad Environmental Shield® anti aging system is specifically formulated to prevent and combat the signs of Environmental Aging.

    But what is Environmental Aging and how does it differ from other aging skin concerns?

    Unlike Genetic Aging or Hormonal Aging, Environmental Aging is largely preventable. This type of aging occurs as a result of daily exposure to UV rays, toxins and other pollutants. All of these factors impact skin health in a number of ways, from inhibiting collagen production to triggering the appearance of sun and age spots. And while you can’t avoid the world around you, you can minimize the impact of the environment on your skin.

      The Factors of Environmental Aging
      Environmental Aging isn’t as simple as Genetic Aging or Hormonal Aging. There are many aspects of the environment that can impact aging. Primary causes of wrinkles and other signs of aging from environmental factors include:

    • UV Ray Exposure:
      Sun exposure is the most damaging environmental factor and causes wrinkles, age and sun spots, and other signs of aging. Every time you spend time in the sun without wearing proper sun protection, you’re damaging your skin. Repeated exposure to the sun over the course of a lifetime speeds up collagen breakdown and can cause the body to produce malformed elastin. The sun also exposes the body to free radicals that attack collagen, melanin and elastin cells and accelerate the signs of aging on your skin, causing sun and age spots, wrinkles and dehydrated skin.
    • Exposure to Toxins and Pollutants:
      Daily exposure to pollution and toxins takes its toll on our skin and our health. Toxins and pollutants can come from uncontrollable sources, such as air pollution, pesticides and water chemicals. They can also come from controllable sources, such as household cleansers and cigarette smoke. These toxins and pollutants cause the body to produce free radicals, which accelerate the signs of aging.
    • Cultural Stress™ and Aging Skin:
      Stress is another cause of wrinkles and aging skin. Stress often goes hand in hand with irregular sleeping patterns, unhealthy diet choices and an increase in anxiety, all of which can impact your overall health and the health of your skin. Stress weakens the whole body and inhibits its ability to fight off free radicals and repair the damage caused by exposure to the sun and other environmental factors like toxins and pollutants. Remember, your skin is a reflection of what’s going on in your body, and the same things that damage your skin also damage your health.

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