• Skin Care 101: What’s Your Skin Type?

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    Skin Care Products for Different Skin TypesIt’s a big world of skin care products out there! It can be tempting to buy more and more and more skin care products, much like with anything else. However, the truth is that you most likely only need a very specific regimen of skincare products based on your skin type. But what is your skin type, and what’s the best Murad product line to use for your skin type?


    Combination or Normal Skin Types

    Normal skin is also sometimes referred to as combination skin. What this means is that your skin is generally healthy but may be a bit oilier throughout your T-Zone (the area that forms a “T” from your chin through your forehead). The most important thing for normal or combination skin is to keep it balanced, typically through regular exfoliation and the use of antioxidants. The Murad Vitalic line of products is specifically designed for normal or combination skin.


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    Oily or Acne Prone Skin Types

    Oily or acne prone skin is, obviously, prone to acne breakouts and you’ll want to use acne treatment products. Murad’s most popular acne treatment products are the Acne Complex® products, but you should explore and find the acne products that meet your specific needs – from gentler acne products to acne products that also address anti aging concerns.


    Red, Irritated or Dry Skin Types

    If your skin is often red, dry or irritated, it’s important that you select skin care products that are both gentle on your skin and that also hydrate and soothe sensitive or irritated skin. Murad Redness Therapy skin care products are ideal for this skin care need and even come in mildly tinted versions to negate the appearance of redness while also soothing it.


    Aging Skin Types

    If you’re skin is beginning to show the signs of aging, you’ll want to be sure to be using some anti aging and anti wrinkle skin treatments. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the needs of your specific skin type. Select an anti aging skin treatment that also addresses your oily, normal/combination or dry and sensitive skin’s needs as well.


    No matter what your skin type, there is a skin care product that’s perfect for you! Just choose wisely and take the needs of your skin type into consideration.


    To learn more about Murad Canada’s full line of skin care products for all skin types, click here.

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