• What Makes You Feel Old? Anti-Aging is About Attitude – and Product!

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    At Murad Canada, we certainly talk a lot about anti-aging topics. That’s because, obviously, how you treat your body and what anti-aging skin care solutions you select are a huge part of our mission. But the Murad vision isn’t just about how your face looks, and anti-aging can mean many things to many different people. So what makes you feel old? And, more importantly, how can we turn that feeling around?


    Grey Hair Makes You Feel Old

    As you age, your body slows down and eventually stops producing the pigment that colors your hair. You may see your first grey hairs as early as in your twenties (this writer did). Does grey hair make you feel old? Of course, you can dye your hair. And if your grey hair appears early enough, that’s a great idea. But eventually you’ll look even older, because nobody will be fooled that a seventy-year-old woman has brown hair! Embrace the beauty of your greys, or consider kicking your grey in the rear by instead dying your hair a vibrant and expressive color. Just remember, all grey hair means is that you’re not producing pigment. It doesn’t mean that you’re not still vibrant. Own that grey hair!


    Lack of Energy Makes You Feel Old

    Are you losing energy as you age? The body’s slowdown is a natural part of Genetic Aging. However, if you continue to participate in physical activity, eat a healthy and antioxidant-rich diet and, where necessary, supplement your diet and exercise with vitamin supplements, you’ll find that you have as much energy as you could ever need. Your body does slow down as you age, but it’s still responsive to healthy lifestyle choices in the form of increased energy and vitality.


    Wrinkles Make You Feel Old

    Genetic Aging is the process of the body slowing down its production of skin-firming collagen and weakening skin-smoothing elastin. When that happens, wrinkles begin to form. You can find a great deal of information on aging skin and wrinkles on this blog as well as reviews of anti-wrinkle treatments.  The good news is that if wrinkles are what makes you feel old, there’s plenty that you can do about it. From eating an anti-aging diet rich in antioxidants to staying hydrated to using anti-wrinkle products. Youthful skin is always attainable. Don’t let wrinkles be what makes you feel old!

    Intensive Wrinkle Reducer


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    Customer Review

    “I was a sun worshipper as a child and it has left me with wrinkles. I have tried many products and this is the first one that has ever made a difference. And the difference was seen almost over night. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone. It is well worth every penny spent and you will see the difference almost immediately. Best product on the market, by far!” yoder07, Missouri


    Weight Gain Makes You Feel Old

    It’s always harder to keep your metabolism up as you age. Fighting off the extra pounds can get harder and harder. If you want to maintain a feeling of youthful exuberance, you’ll need to combine making healthy diet and exercise choices with a touch of self-acceptance. We can’t all stay thin forever! Love your body, but make sure to make healthy food and exercise choices as well.


    Age Spots Make You Feel Old

    Did too much sun as a younger person lead to age spots and sun spots? If these hyper-pigmented spots on your skin are making you feel old, don’t worry! You can fade them. Murad Canada Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum uses Hydroquinone, the strongest skin lightener available without a prescription, to fade away dark spots and age spots.


    No matter what it is that’s making you feel old, remember that age is simply a state of mind! When you believe that you’re vibrant and energetic, then you will be!

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