• Winter Skin Care Advice: Healthy & Beautiful Skin for Winter


    As much as it pains us to say it, winter is just around the corner. While many of us will briefly get excited about the chance to put on stylish boots and pull out our favorite sweaters, winter also means a harsh reality for your skin (unless you are lucky enough to live in a tropical climate). As the cold and dry air sweeps in, it can be rough on your skin. Not only may your skin dry out and turn red and flakey, but you could find yourself feeling actually uncomfortable. Even if your skin doesn’t immediately show the effects of winter, the long term impact of dry air can cause early signs of aging. So what are the best skin care products that you can use this winter? And what lifestyle tips can keep your skin looking fresh in the winter months? Here is Winter Skin Care 101 for your educational purposes!


    Winter Skin Care Tip Number One: All Moisturizer, All Winter

    Without a doubt, the cruelest part of winter when it comes to your skin is the dry air and harsh elements. Even if it’s snowing outside, the air has still dried out from summer humidity. If you have naturally dry skin, this can actually be painful. But even if your skin is oily or combination, you’ll still feel the impact of winter air. Use both a daytime moisturizer and a richer nighttime moisturizer. Yes, even if you are using effective acne treatment products to help you try to get rid of acne, you still need to moisturizer daily. If you don’t, your skin may get irritated from the drier air and you will actually find yourself breaking out more. We’d actually suggest a Vitamin C moisturizer, such as the ones in Murad’s Environmental Shield line, to help boost your skin with antioxidants it may be missing in the winter.


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    Winter Skin Care Tip Number Two: Carry Lip Balm & Eye Cream in Your Purse

    Being sure that you always have two little items tucked away in your bag can save you a lot of skin damage over the winter. Of course, the  most important of these two little items is lip balm. We’re all aware of the dry and cracked lip phenomenon in the winter. Keep your lips lush and moisturized all day long (of course, you also need to be drinking and eating your water to stay hydrated from the inside as well). Secondly, keep a travel-sized eye cream handy. The sensitive skin around your eyes does not produce natural moisture the way that the rest of your face does, so you’ll want to be sure that you have an eye-specific moisturizer handy to supplement that moisture.


    Winter Skin Care Tip Number Three: Don’t Fall Prey to the Winter Diet Blues

    One of the greatest impacts on skin is certainly diet, and often in the winter people fall into the “winter diet.” The “winter diet” is low on fruits (since they aren’t fresh or in season) and high on carbohydrates. Resist this urge! Make sure that you’re eating plenty of fresh fruit daily, as well as dark leafy vegetables. Also, often without the heat to remind us that we’re thirsty, we all hydrate less effectively in the winter. Make sure that you’re staying hydrated all day long!


    Winter means that the holiday season won’t be far behind! Make sure that you glow for the holidays by moisturizing and taking care of your skin as winter sets in – particularly in Canada’s often harsh winter climate!


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