• Do You Need Sunscreen For Your Winter Skin Care? Yes!


    Sunscreen and Winter Skin CareDuring the summer, we’re constantly making sure that we’re wearing sunscreen while we’re at the pool or hanging out at the beach – it helps keep those age-accelerating UV rays at bay while we’re having fun. As the temperature cools down, we tend to forget that the sun shines even during the winter! That means we have to stay vigilant by making sure we protect our skin from sun damage and keep up with our skin care treatment during the colder months. The sun is still out there, so make sure that you’re still wearing sunscreen. In fact, in the winter, you may need sunscreen even more than you would in the summer! Why is that? It’s because you’ll get not only the direct rays of the sunlight hitting your face but also frequently the diffuse rays of sunlight that are reflecting off of the snow. You may be getting double sun-damage in the winter! How do you maximize sun block protection while also making sure that you have healthy and beautiful skin no matter what your skin type? Here are some tips.


    What Kind of Sunscreen Do You Need for Acne Prone Skin?

    If your skin is prone to breakouts all year round and you’re already using an acne treatment regimen such as Murad Acne Complex®, you want to make sure your sunscreen is free of oil so it won’t clog your pores. Murad’s Oil Free Sunblock SPF30 is a shine-free, lightweight formula that prevents damage from UV rays. Pomegranate extract in the sun block helps prevent damage from free radicals. Murad’s moisturizers are all oil-free, and many of them contain an SPF of 15 to help protect your skin from the daily rays. No matter what kind of sunscreen you use, read the labels to ensure there are no harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin, and make sure they’re oil-free to prevent acne breakouts.


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    Anti-Aging Skin Care Products and Sunscreen

    Even if you’ve been recently diligent about using sunscreen as part of your anti-aging skin care treatment, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t already suffered the effects of sun damage. Skin will start to show loss of firmness, wrinkles, and fine lines as the effects of UV rays contribute to the breakdown of collagen. The sun will also slightly change the pigmentation of the skin, as well as cause sun spots to appear on your face. You can help prevent further damage by applying sunscreen daily to your face. Skin care products such as Murad’s Environmental Shield® Advanced Day Duo are rich in antioxidant Vitamin C that provides all day protection from free radicals that can attack the skin every day and the products contain antioxidants that help undo previous damage from sun exposure.


    Sunscreen and Face Moisturizers

    Of course, the sun still shines on your skin during the winter, but that also means the colder weather brings drier air and cold winds that can batter your skin. Sunscreen applied daily can act as a moisturizer and can be vital for those very cold, dry days. Most of Murad’s moisturizers contain SPF protection, making it easy to pick the one that’s best for you. One of our best moisturizers that contains SPF protection is our Essential C Day Moisture SPF 30 containing Vitamin C, which is essential for protecting your skin and giving you a healthy glow no matter what season it is.


    Because of the cold weather during the winter, we can easily forget that the sun can damage our skin. Even though the skies may be grayer, the sun can still wreak havoc on your skin, causing fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and uneven skin tone. Make sure you’re keeping sunscreen as part of your skin care treatment regimen to protect your skin and slow down the signs of aging!


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